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BECOLlN, a voluntary, non- governmental, non-profit organization, is the result of a unique partnership initiated by four professionals in 1998 - one human rights activist, one community development practitioner, and two public health practitioners - who had been working in rural Nigeria and had the frontline opportunity to experience the environmental degradation, disease burdens, social malaise, deprivation of human rights and unnecessary maternal and child deaths that characterize Nigerian society. Paradoxically, these situations can be prevented or controlled by simple measures.

Most of these diseases are water/sanitation-borne and HIV/AIDS. These professionals organized several meetings and dialogues to find out sustainable ways of reducing these deplorable conditions and improve the well-being of the people. Hence, 1998, BECOLlN was formed to address the well-being and fundamental human rights of Nigerians.

Latest Updates

2017 Community Immunization Advocacy

Advocacy For Community Participation in Governance

Community Enlightenment on Project Monitoring and Budget Participation

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